Tuesday, August 07, 2007

why me?

While I was at the store this morning a guy (*W*) stopped in to see if I was working. I wasn't officially working, but I was there. He "the guy done at Mix's says you might take in an injured bird". My first question was "what kind of bird?" *W* said he found a homing pigeon next to the road in front of his house, it is drinking and eating and he has found the owner, who lives near Syracuse, NY (a long way from here), but *W* doesn't know anything about birds so he would like me to take it until he figures out what the owner wants to do with it. Like I do! I told *W* that I would take the bird and see what I can do for it ... we'll see.

When I got home there was a message from *J* wanting to know if we will take that other turkey her dad has up at his place. I guess it is one of the same ones that we got from *G* last week. What is it with people?

I told my mother that I'm thinking of changing the name of my farm from Seldom Seen Acres to Seldom Seen Sanctuary. Okay... not really. It does make me smile to think that when people are trying to find a good place for there animals to go they think of ME :-)
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