Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Meet Nickie....

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Nickie coming to live with me perminately.
I first met her on August 28th, 2003. That was my first day working at the SPCA and she had been brought in with a litter of 11 puppies. We were told that she had been a stray on the indian reservation, for quite some time and, they had finally trapped her in a barn (where she had her litter of pups), and brought her to the shelter.
Since the puppies were still nursing (only a few days old) they were in need of a foster home until the puppies were old enough to be away from their mom. It was late in the day, near closing time, when Nickie and her babiess were brought in. The kennel mangager did not have a chance to make phone calls to see if she could find someone willing to provide foster care to the shelter's newest family, so they asked all staff memebers if anyone could take this family home. "Just for tonight, until we have a chance to find a foster home". I brought them home, and decided to foster them until the puppies were old enough to find new forever homes of their own. Then we even found a new forever home for Nickie, or so we thought ... two weeks later we got a call from the guy who had adopted her, and told us he no longer had Nickie... she had gotten away from him and couldn't catch her. Well, to make a long story short, on October 1st, 2003 ..... Nickie came to live with me FOREVER!!!!
I adopted her and she has been with me ever since.

LOL... I have to laugh every time I think of how scared she was of men... until she met *T*. You see when he started coming to the house I told him that my one dog hates all men, and it was kind of a joke that if he could win Nickie's trust then I'd give him a chance (to renew MY trust in men). Within a couple weeks, if he and I were on opposite sides of the room and both of us called her, she would go to him and not me. I could not believe it, but I kept up my end of the deal and gave our relationship a chance ... what can I say.... He and I have been together ever since too :-)

Thank You Nickie, for showing me everyone needs a second (or third) chance in life. I love you babe!
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