Wednesday, February 03, 2010

High: 28*

Low: 21*

Cloudy and Dreary all day

Little Mr. ~Z~ is 13 months old today! And to celebrate his big day he started walking. Remember, yesterday I did ask "what will he find amusing tomorrow?" Well this is what it was. He has been cruising for a while now and I really thought that he was going to take off and walk by his 1st Birthday but that didn't happen, because he started to actually crawl on his hands and knees that week instead of just dragging himself around on his elbows. Once he started crawling he figured out he could move faster that way then he could by trying to walk hanging onto something.
When I got home from work last night ~T~ said that ~Z~ had walked about 10 feet on his own once but wouldn't do it again. Late this afternoon ~Z~ started walking with a toy in his hand and he went about 15ft. After that he kept doing it and by bedtime he was walking around without even carrying anything in his hand. I think when he was first carrying something around with him it gave him a sense he was hanging on. I am so glad I was home today and he didn't do this at the sitter's house, I would have had such guilt about missing such a big thing.

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February 2nd, 2010
High 32*
Low 8*
Partly sunny and cloudy all day with a light dusting of snow in the evening.
Started the day at around 7:30 a.m. I was shocked that *Z* slept through the night without wanting to get up. he did wake up once at around midnight and then again about 4:30a.m. but went right back to sleep after a bottle.
Breakfast consisted of a banana and part of a kiwi (a first for this fruit) and some french toast for *Z*. I had french toast, yogurt and the rest of the kiwi. After finishing his breakfast, *Z* tore his banana skin to shreds the smeared it around his tray like he was using it as a dishcloth. Somehow he managed to spare his face and hair, but he had banana on all his clothes and all over his chair.
After I got the banana cleaned up and was in the laundry room changing loads I hear what sounds to me like a pig coming from the living room. I could not for the life of me figure out what *Z* was up to this time. When I came around the corner into the dining room to where I could see where/what *Z* was doing, I must have had a really confused look on my face because as soon a *Z* saw me he started giggling and then proceeded to do what he had done before to make the "pig" sound before then started giggling all over again. I just shook my head at him ... boys will be boys. He had finally figured out how to use *T* grunt call for deer hunting. *T* had it out a while ago and was trying to get *Z* to make a noise with it but *Z* wanted no part of it. Yet there he sat, in the middle of the floor, his dad nowhere around, making the thing work. After watching him for a few minutes I realized that he was actually using it backwards. He sucks on the wrong end instead of blowing on the right end.... what will he find amusing tomorrow?
Around 11 a.m. I got *Z* ready to go to my Mom's house for the afternoon because I had to be to work at noon.
*T* picked him up from Mom's this evening and she said *Z* only took a one hour nap all day. When I got home at 8:30 p.m. he was JUST falling asleep in *T*'s lap, but then he saw me and woke up. I didn't get him to go back to sleep until 10 p.m. so he should sleep through the night with no problem.... keeping fingers crossed!
Not much else to report today... *T* did all the barn chores today so I am not sure what is going on out there. I will be the one on duty tomorrow so I'll have a better idea what everyone in the barn is up to. *T* does a good job feeding and watering but as far as him checking the nannies for signs of labor, etc. he is clueless. We don't have anyone due right now so I still feel safe sending *T* out to feed.
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