Thursday, February 26, 2009

39 Degrees...

I can't believe that it's 39 degrees and cloudy outside this morning. We are suppose to get a high of 46 today. Maybe *Z* and I will actually get outside just to enjoy the weather, and not have to be so bundled up that we can't move.
I am going through withdrawl.... I have not been to the barn since *Z* was born. When given the choice of setting with the baby or feeding the animals, *T* has been doing all the chores... I guess he figures the hungry animals are the lesser of the two evils.
Yesterday eveninig I did get to do Mom's barn chores because she hurt her back a couple of weeks ago and hasn't been able to get around, my brothers have been coming to feed her animals everyday, but neither of them could make it over yesterday so *T* and I fed her animals yesterday. Mom watched *Z* while we fed, he was sleeping in his carseat so he didn't require a whole lot for the short time we were feeding her animals. I told her to holler out the back door at me if he woke up, because I didn't want her trying to lift him out of his seat and hurt herself all over again. Granted he is only about 12 lbs. but when your back is injured that is a lot. She is also going through withdrawl from her animals.... and from holding *Z*. She says she can't wait to get better so she and *Z* can sit and cuddle in her comfy rocking chair, but she is hurting so bad right now that she can't even sit in her chair alone right now :-(

The sun is coming out now so we do have a good chance of hitting that high of 46 today. I better go get my stuff in here done while *Z* is sleeping so we can go outside when he wakes up.
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