Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What is for dinner?

Am I the only one who gets asked this question before he even gets the back door shut or at least by the time he takes his work boots off? he never seems to care what I have cooking... nothing makes him happier then when he opens the oven door and sees this....

looking back at him. I don't know how, but my guy would eat pizza seven days a week if I would let him. Actually it is a toss up between steak and cheese submarine/hoagie sandwiches or pizza that he would live on if he could. I made the steak sandwiches last night for dinner (sorry they didn't last long enough for a

Ginger has a new shadow

This has been the scene in our pasture since Sunday evening when *T* first let Ginger into Lacy's pasture. Lacy is so happy to have another horse here at Seldom Seen Acres. The poor girl probably thought that she was the last living horse on the planet, she has not had an equine companion since the pony died in December of 1998. At times I think I need some alone time, but nine years is a long time to go without seeing another member of your species. Ther are times Ginger looks at Lacy as if to say "will you just leave me alone, already!". I'm glad that they are getting along, I must admit that I was a bit worried because the transaction was rather quick and I had not met Ginger. *T* did all the dealing.
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