Monday, February 01, 2010

Not much to report.

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot to report this time of year ... I guess I could start keeping a log of the weather and temps, but even that would becouse boring after about a week of 20* weather.

Saturday evening *T* and I went to the Old Timer's Banquet at the firehall. They put on a nice dinner and gave out awards to some of the members. Mom watched *Z* while we were out. I got back to Mom's at about 9pm and home at about an hour later, after chatting with Mom and getting *Z* ready to go out in the cold again. Mom and I were laughing about how it would take longer to get *Z* bundled up than he would be outside ... remember Mom lives just across the road from me.
After coming home I just got *Z* nicely snuggled into bed and was about to check my emails when there was a knock on the door... I knew who it would be before I even got close to the door. Seeing how it was one of the coldest nights of the year and the night after the full moon, I knew the person at the door would be *D* or one of her sons telling me that Molly (their huge suffolk ewe) was in labor. Sure enough *A* was at the door and Molly was in labor and they wanted my opinion on what was going on. I called Mom to see if she could come sit with *Z* while I went to check on the ewe ... about two miles up the road. I gave Mom a choice of checking on Molly or watching *Z* ... she chose *Z*...LOL.
I had talked to *D* just that afternoon when she brought me a load of feed and she said that Molly seemed to be getting closer to delivering. I mentioned that it was the full moon and I'd probably see her about midnight. Molly has always delivered around midnight every year. I'd like to think it is because she knows I'll be home to help in case there is a problem again, but I'm sure I have nothing to do with it. I got to *D*'s barn at around 11pm and Molly delivered a healthy baby boy at about 11:50pm with no problems at all. I got home at around 12:15am. A couple hours later *D* emailed me and said that she went back up to check on Molly at 1am and she had had another baby boy. They are all doing well despite the -10* temp that night.

Did I mention that same evening *T* and I did not have any water here at the house due to frozen pipes? Actually they froze sometime Friday night and we were not able to get them running again until Sunday morning. It is amazing to me the things I think I want to do when I don't have water. I mean I rarely get the earge to wash dishes, do laundry, clean, etc. until we don't have water ... or electric for that matter. And of course now that it is back I really don't want to do it. Today I am forcing myself to do some cleaning ... in spurts of 10 to 15 minutes at a time. I've got to get this house back in order!

Seemed like we had a heat wave today... the temperature got all the way up to 26* with sunshine most of the day. Right now at 8pm it is 22*, it was 17* this morning.

Well I have to get back to cleaning again, so I must close this for now.
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