Monday, May 05, 2008

Where has the week gone

On April 30th we got some more bunnies. I have been looking for more does so I can start raising them for our own meat, but haven't had much luck. Well last week I was on the Pennswoods Classifieds and saw an ad for bunnies. They only wanted $2 for the big ones and $1 for little ones. I emailed the owner to find out what breed they were and got a reply saying "just plain bunnies"... LOL.. After reading the email I realized that the girl who has the rabbits is the daughter of the guy who reads our gas meter [you know you live in a rural area when...] And they live not too far from here. The day after I emailed then about the bunnies just happened to be the day *L* came to read the gas meter, so I asked him about the bunnies and told him we'd probably be over to look at them the next night (Thursday). That evening I got a phone call from *L* and he said someone might be coming from a couple of hours away the next day, to get rabbits, and they said that for the price they would take all of the ones they could. So *L* wanted to let me know that I'd better go that night and get the ones I wanted. We ended up getting three does. So hopefully in a few months we will be having babies. I want to give them a little time to get used to us before I stress them more with babies. I will tell you that my buck rabbits is happy to see that he has new neighbors and he is not the only rabbit left on earth.

I'm going to look at a milk goat on Wednesday. I am so excited.... I can hardly wait... I don't know why but I feel like a little kid getting a Birthday or Christmas present, last week was my Birthday so can I just consider this a late Birthday gift?
I don't think I have *T* convinced that having a milking goat is a good idea. But then he didn't think butchering the turkeys was a good idea either, but loved the taste of the meat. So maybe he will come around after a few batches of cheese and ice cream. I am currently looking for cheese recipes that are not too hard... so if any of you have any send them my way, please!

I've got to close this for now and get to bed... 5 a.m. comes real early.
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