Monday, August 27, 2012

Crescent Rolls in the diaper bag????

It is unlikely that anyone else will find this as funny as I did. Especially at 11 p.m. I was getting ready for bed and trying to clean off the table from the aftermath of a hectic day of shopping and other errands. I started to pick my bag up (it is basically a diaper bag and purse all in one) and I noticed the one side was unzipped so I started to zip it closed and spotted this tube of crescent rolls peaking out at me.
 Yeah, it confused me too... for a minute or two!
I'm sure you are wondering "why would she have Crescent Rolls in her diaper bag?"

Well, let me tell ya ...So was I... Then I remembered!

About halfway home from the grocery store *Z* pulled it out of one of the bags that were in the back seat next to his car seat. Then he proceeded to hit the back of the front passenger seat with it... where my mother was sitting. All I could envision was the seal breaking, from him hitting it on the seat, and the can exploding on the back of my mother's head... I know it would have scared the bejeebers out of her. But the worst thing is, I'm sure I would have laughed... and reprimanding a child, while laughing, has never been very effective!!!
It would not have been a good thing!
I had taken it away from *Z* and put it on my lap for the rest of the drive home.
At one point Mom and I were laughing over a story I had heard once where one of these things exploded and hit the driver in the back of the head. She thought she had been shot. She had reached up to feel the back of her head and could feel wetness and was sure that she was dying. She only realized what had happened after the EMS arrived... yes she even called the medics, she was that certain that she was shot...LOL
 Once home, I gathering the loose things from the truck and just tossed the tube into the closest bag that I knew would be going in the house right away..... It went to the house. But that was the last I thought about it.
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