Thursday, June 26, 2014

Public Notice

 If you are driving by a residence and think you see an animal that is injured or cant get up, or needs help in some way. PLEASE stop and notify the owner of the animal or at the very least (if the owner is not around) check the animal yourself to see if it actually is in need of help. Please don't just drive by and call animal control!
First off, if that animal is truly in need of it will most likely be dead by the time animal control can get here, three and a half days later.
So if you really want to help animals - then help the animal - don't call someone else to check on it because it will be days (especially in this area) before an officer will get here.
IF you are calling to report an animal with an injury that is completely healed and the animal is getting around fine - then you are too late... don't bother calling animal control.
IF you are just trying to be a spiteful ass - don't bother - you are wasting everyone's time and precious resources that could have gone to helping animals who are truly in need of help!
IF you are driving by my farm and see a few animals with leg issues - YES, I do own three animals who have all had leg injuries and they were all under vet care until they healed. Two of which I did not even own at the time of the injuries. I was contacted and asked if I would give these animals a home because the owner was moving out of state and couldn't take them with her. She couldn't find a home for them and did not want send them to a shelter because she feared they would just be put down because of their disabilities and low adoptability.
I've had several people call me or email me asking me if I could please take their animals because they know how we take care of our animals, and love them. Do you think I'd get those kind of calls if I mistreated my animals?????
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