Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What a difference

Today's High: 68*F
Today's Low: 59*

I was looking at last year's post and the temperature was only 24*, wow I'm glad it's this year not last...LOL. The link to that post is below.

It was so nice outside today, so we had another fairly productive day. We worked on the lawn again this evening, or should I say *T* worked on the lawn, while I let the goats out into the corrall, checked for eggs, searched for the "hidden" eggs that I know have to be out there somewhere. Put some eggs under the old bitty that is setting on he rear pretending to be incubating eggs... talk about a "wannabie mom" (and I thought I was obsessive LOL). I gave her a few eggs so now she'll probably get up and wander off... darned ol' bitty. I never did find any other nests so for now I'll have to be happy with my one egg a day.
I tried to clean the front ditch, but that didn't go well so I admitted defeat and put my rake away. *T* said he'd get after it with the shovel ... the only problem.... he didn't say when...LOL. After cleaning all day Sunday, and raking up the blackberry canes that were mowed down last fall. We have a huge pile of stuff to be burned but now we have to wait for it to rain again... I know, I complained for how long about how wet and rainy it was... well now I want it to rain... just for a little while so we don't start a wild fire... yeah, that would be real nice I can see the headlines now... NO... I'll wait.
Oh, I almost forgot... after we spent some time brushing the horses out, I checked the electric fence to see if is still working... Unintentionally!!!! Trust me... It works great! Somehow I managed to get zapped with it while closing the gate tonight. Have I ever mentioned that I hate getting shocked? Well I do. Actually it scared me more than it hurt. Of course *T* had to witness the whole thing. And may I add that he thought it was hilarious... yep... he saw it all... I opened the gate, passed trough... ouch!, something hit me in the back of the legs, I turned to see what and .... it did it again... [scream/tossed the gate hook, fenced coiled up and got all tangled].. I realized that the fence is what got me, but I was holding it in my hand how did it hit me in the back of the legs??? HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY HOW MUCH I HATE ELECTRIC FENCES????
Well I think I've done enought rambling for one evening so I'll close this now.
One Year Ago
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