Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Additions to Seldom Seen Acres

My Nanny Goat finally had her babies on Monday morning. She is a sneaking little brat. I had been checking her every night before I went to bed along with several other times throughout the day but Sunday night I hadn't, because she didn't seem any closer then she had been and I was extra tired. So wouldn't you know the night that I didn't check is when she decided to kid. She had twin girls (her first set, she has always had singles). *T* named them ShyAnn (the darker one) and Sabrina (the lighter one.

I had gotten an email from the lady who sold Mimi (my milk goat) to me on Saturday asking if I'd be interested in a Lamancha buck. I really wasn't but for the price I couldn't resist and he can be registered too. I just couldn't pass up the chance, because I know by this fall I'll probably be wishing that I'd gotten a Lamancha to breed Mimi to. So last evening *T* and I went to pick up our newest addition. He is a month old today, so he still needs a bottle. But, with all the milk Mimi gives we deffinatly have enough to share. Oh my gosh, he is so cute. I'm still not used to the Lamancha look, they just look like something is missing. His name is Blaze.

I almost forgot... we had two more calves born over the weekend too. That makes a total of 8 calves and 1 more to come. *H* has moved the cows across the road to Mom's place now so they aren't here on my land now but still close. Mom and I think it's kind of nice not having the burden of taking care of the cows but still get to enjoy them being here on the property. She said she almost wishes she'd sold them a long time ago. But not everyone would have left them here to graze either.
Well I really have to get some housework done today.... so I have to go for now.
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