Wednesday, February 03, 2010

High: 28*

Low: 21*

Cloudy and Dreary all day

Little Mr. ~Z~ is 13 months old today! And to celebrate his big day he started walking. Remember, yesterday I did ask "what will he find amusing tomorrow?" Well this is what it was. He has been cruising for a while now and I really thought that he was going to take off and walk by his 1st Birthday but that didn't happen, because he started to actually crawl on his hands and knees that week instead of just dragging himself around on his elbows. Once he started crawling he figured out he could move faster that way then he could by trying to walk hanging onto something.
When I got home from work last night ~T~ said that ~Z~ had walked about 10 feet on his own once but wouldn't do it again. Late this afternoon ~Z~ started walking with a toy in his hand and he went about 15ft. After that he kept doing it and by bedtime he was walking around without even carrying anything in his hand. I think when he was first carrying something around with him it gave him a sense he was hanging on. I am so glad I was home today and he didn't do this at the sitter's house, I would have had such guilt about missing such a big thing.

One Year Ago Today

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