Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm back

I'm sorry that I have not posted in a month. I'm not even sure what I've been doing in that amount of time but apparently I've been busy because I haven't even had a chance to check in on the blogs that I normally read on a daily basis.

One thing I know I've been doing is potty training the Jack Russell Terrier puppy that SO and I got on the 15th of May. He is so cute (sorry no pics yet). When we got him he seemed so tiny... but I can finally see where he is growing. I've never owned a dog this little before ... remember I used to have great danes ...LOL... what a difference. The first time my mother saw Ace (the JRT pup) she said "your may as well have gotten a hamster". Of course when my oldest brother saw him and mom told him what see said he said " he is about the size of my boys' guinea pigs, why didn't you just take one of them". But this little pup is a smart little bugger. Within a week of being home he had already learned how to sit and lay down on command. The first time I showed SO that Ace knew how to sit on command he said "that is just wrong, he's too little to know how to do that". I is the cutest thing though seeing as he is so tiny and he already know some tricks. LOL

Another thing... I've been trying desperately to get my lawn mowed. SO other got most of it mowed for the first time this year, then the lawn tractor quit. I borrowed my mother's push mower (since her tractor was not working either) and mowed most of the lawn again... then wouldn't you know it that darned thing quit on my too.... gggrrrrr! Right now we are waiting for a phone call telling us our lawn tractor is fixed and ready to pick up from the shop. In the mean time I've been tying the goat out in the highest spots of the lawn and wishing I had about ten more to do the job. And wouldn't you know it last night it started raining ... so now the grass in growing again. .... ggrrr! The one section behind the garage hasn't gotten mowed at all this year and I'm seriously thinking about just fencing that whole lot and bringing mom's goats back over to put in the fence. That is also where the blackberry bushes are at that I wanted to mow down and start over too so the goats would love that.

For now I guess I should go get dressed and go up town to the post office, I got a card in the mail on Saturday saying I have a certified letter there... just wondering what it could be.

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