Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blast from the past

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When I reread this I had to laugh, just reminded me of how silly I really am. This year my chickens have not even started to lay eggs yet let alone start setting.

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Spring ... Is that You?
03.28.05 (6:45 am)
I think spring is finally coming. The temperature this morning is at 37* and it is sprinkling, not really raining but just a light mist in the air. I'm not really liking the mud that comes with spring but it is definitely better then the 4 inches of snow we received last Wednesday morning. That was awful.

I see that my lilies are trying to come through the surface of the mud... I'm hoping that Dayna doesn't notice. I swear she has a vengeance against the irises at the corner of the house, she has dug a trench along the end of the house.... ggrrrr.... how do you get a dog to stop digging holes in your lawn?

I went to see my brother *J* and his family yesterday after sunrise service. Little *R* is so weak from her chemo treatments, but she is feeling a little bit better now then what she did a few days ago. I look at that little 15 lb body and wish that I could take the treatments for her, though I have a feeling she is handling it better then I would ( I'm a wimp) - she is such a fighter. She has had three rounds of chemo and has to have at least three more before the stem cell transplant. I just pray that God will give her the strength it takes to get that far.

After reading this one I had tears of sadness and of joy at the same time. My dog Dayna passed away a month after I posted that about her digging up my iris'. Today would have been Dayna's 9th birthday if she were still alive. I still miss her so much.
The tears of joy were for my neice *R*. She finished all her chemo treatments and her stem cell transplant in '05 and is doing great :D She has been free of cancer for since the end of her treatments and is now a beautiful 4 year old.


  1. Hey! I stumbled onto your blog via Homesteading Bloggers ... and loved reading about your story. I noticed you also are familiar with Peggy over at Hidden Haven. Small world! Anyhow - Just wanted to say - Neato. I really enjoy reading, and I'll be back regularly!

  2. Isn't it fun to look back to see what we were doing at that point in time just a short year or two ago?

    You've been on my mind a lot lately. I just wish that I had the resources to get my butt over the mountain to see you. All in due time, I guess.

    How is little *R* doing these days? Everything still A-okay?

    Miss you much!!!


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