Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Men & Dogs... You just gotta to love them...

Last evening had some very strange events take place. *T* called me at work and told me he was going to *P*'s house to get a gun cabinet that was given to him, he asked if I wanted to stop there on my way home from work. I'm thinking "you are the one with the truck and the muscles and *P* will be there to help, so why do you need me?". He said he just wondered if I wanted to stop in... NO I didn't I wanted to go home and get my shoes off. I guess I was being a bit antisocial but I can't help it, I just wanted to go home. Besides that I was wondering where on earth we are going to put this new gun cabinet. Anyhow *T* got the cabinet home, but on the ride home the thing started pulling apart. By this time I'm shaking my head in discust, "why did he bring this thing home?". I went in the house and started my evening chores of laundry and vacuuming. The nest thing I know *T* is coming in the back door in a rage saying something about the back window of the truck being broken. I asked what he had said and he said he had set the cabinet up in the back of the truck, so he could put a couple screws in the top to hold it together before he brought it in, then went into the barn to get the screws and the wind blew the cabinet over... and smashed the back window out of the truck. WOW!!! I acually wanted to laugh but I knew better. Did I forget to mention that we were having sudden gusts of wind that came out of nowhere off and on all afternoon. Seriously... this is just another example of >>>>> He doesn't always think before he does things <<<<<<. After making a quick trip to town, coming home, fixing the back window of the truck, he "fixed" the cabinet he asked me to help him carry it in the house. During this whole chain of events I had noticed Mom's one dog Sydney was here playing with Ace. They were chasing each other around the yard and having a great time. I had thought about going out and telling her to go home in case Mom was looking for her but decided that I'd let them play for a while because the looked like the were having such a good time. Well I forgot that Syd was here and when I went out the door to help *T* I left it open and Nickie (one of my other dogs) came out behind me. We usually don't let Nickie outside without being on here runner because she can't be trusted with small animals. I didn't even have time to catch Nickie and she had attacked Syd. My first reaction was to grab Ace (the JRT) and make sure Dawson (the Aussie) was well out of the way of the fight. I took those two the short distance to the milk house because I didn't want a two dog fight to turn into a four dog fight (trust me... it can happen in a blink.. much to my dismay this has happened to me before). In the mean time *T* had managed to get ahold of Nickie and was taking her back to the house and Syd stood there in the yard looking at me like "WTH just happened" I honestly don't even think the poor dog knew Nickie was outside, because she and Ace were having such a good romp... she never even tried to fight back. *T* said she was just looking like "someone get this lunatic off me". I'm so thankful that *T* was able to get ahold of Nickie without getting bit. The last time something like this happened I ended up with a two inch gash in my leg while trying to separate two great danes, two Aussies, and Nickie (the little mutt). When that happpened Mom had just gotten Syd and I had just gotten Nickie, we thought they had been together enough and had hashed out all their differences.... aparently Nickie is still hold a grudge from four yrs ago...LOL. At least now I know to be more aware of where everyone is at all times. Normally this isn't an issue because Nickie is on her runner and even if Syd is over here she knows to stay out of Nickie's reach. All the other dogs get along great. Nickie just seems to have it out for poor Sydney.
For right now the cabinet is still sitting in the middle of my dining room....grrr. Anyhow, hopefully tomorrow we will be able to get things rearrange and get the new cabinet to it's place, and the old one out.

Today seemed farely unevenful. Just as I was getting home from work Mom came over to chat for "a few minutes" which turned into over an hour. She is so stressed out right now, with everything going on with Dad. He had Congestive heart failure, Parkinson's, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Subepideral bullous pimphigoid, complications relating to each of these, and now one of the latest things seems to be that he is getting really confused and doesn't know what he is doing at times. Mom is just so exhausted that sometimes she will just come in and sit down and sigh repeatedly... I can tell she just needs a break from it all for a little while. At times Dad just seems to be giving up, he gets so discouraged because he can't do anything and he used to be so active. They could use all the prayers and good vibes anyone could send their direction.

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  1. Amie,

    Your father, along with the rest of your family, is definitely in my thoughts & prayers.

    Love ya,


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