Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring is trying

I'm not sure what the high temp was today, but I know it was in the mid 30's. The sun was shining and it was beautiful outside.. until you stepped out the door. That wind was COLD. At least the sun was out again.. I am solar powered and even if it is cold I felt better.

The dogs are even acting different, they have been out most of the afternoon and even when I let them in and fed them then immediately wanted back out, usually this time of the evening they will lay down and sleep then go out for a while again around 8:30 p.m. Or, maybe that is because of the full moon :)

*T* is at the firehall to help with bingo. I couldn't believe they were still having bingo tonight because it is Good Friday, but they are. I don't get it. I know we need to raise money for the department but come on... can't you take one friday off?

My sister's three girls (13yrs, 11yrs,& 3yrs) are visiting my mother and father for a couple of days. It is always quite amusing to me the way they act around the farm. The 13 yr old likes the animals and helping on the farm. The 11 yr old is a "princess" and doesn't like to get close to the animals. The 3 year old wants to pick up every animal that isn't bigger then she is, but is scared of everything because she isn't around animals enought to know how to act around them. So she doesn't know if she should hug the animals or run from them. Kids, they are so amazingly different. I have to laugh when I think of my siblings and I when we were those ages we were always in the barn helping with chores, yes we were raised in a barn, literally ...LOL. Only our ages would have been 3,5,8,11,12 (me being the 3 yr old). There has never been a time in my life I have not had animals in my life. For a short (I mean very short) time a few years ago the only animals I had were dogs and cats, but hat didn't last long. I had to get more critters.

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