Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another busy day here in North Central PA

I left the house at 5:45 in the morning yesterday and never got home until almost 6:30 p.m. I worked until 2 p.m. then went over to the fire hall to see if they needed help in the kitchen with anything. Ended up staying there cleaning leeks for the join fundraiser that the legion and fire department are doing. As I walked in the house *T* handed me the phone and said "here *MK* wants to know what you are doing". *MK* was calling to see if I'd order a pizza and she'd pick it up on the way to the house. *T* had helped her change the tires on her car the other night and she had planned on taking us out to dinner last night as a "Thank You". But we decide that since I hadn't been home all day we'd just order pizza and call it good. As soon as I got off the phone *T*, the boys, and I went out to get the chores done before *MK* got here. We ate outside at the picnic table and then *T* and the boys played ball with the dogs while *MK* and I chatted. It was getting dark and a bit cool outside so we came in the house and sat here and chatted some more while *T* got the boys in the tub for a bath (from the dirt that was in the tub after thier bath, I think we could have planted the garden in the bottom of the tub). Shortly after the boys were out of the tub *MK* was ready to leave and I walked her out to the car and by the time I came back in the house two of the boys were sleeping on the couch, and the thrid was saying he was ready for bed. They had played outside all day, poor little guys were tuckered out.

The firemen in North Central Pennsylvania got a workout yesterday. Here is a link to "Potter County Fire News" that posted the news story below.

Things started off with a report of a wildfire in Farmington Twp. in the Nelson area around 1100 hrs. Before it was all said and done (many hours later) that fire would result in the loss of several structures and an unknown number of acres of property. This fire saw the seldom seen use of an All-Call for manpower in Tioga County requesting all available manpower to the scene. We have received reports that an air tanker was also called in to the scene of that fire.

At aproximately 1130 hrs Singlehouse Dept 39 was dispatched to a reported structure fire in Oswayo. This blaze required resources from Shinglehouse Dept 39, Coudersport Dept 48, Genesee Dept 37, as well as Bolivar and Portville, NY (and possibly more). Reports indicate that two structures were lost in this blaze.

Then at aproximately 1200 hrs, while working at Station 47 in Ulysses, Dept 47 personnel noticed heavy smoke in the area of Jackson Rd. in Bingham Twp. Upon investigation it was found that a large wildfire was in progress on the hillside above Jackson Rd. aproximately 1/4 mile from the Ulysses/Hickox Rd. This resulted in units from Depts 47, 20 and 10 responding in what would become a 3+ hour effort to quell an aproximately 3-4 acre blaze. Normally Genesee Dept 37 would have also been requested but they were already committed to the structure fire call in Oswayo.

And if that wasn't enough already, as units were responding to the Ulysses incident a call went out for a reported wildfire in Westfield Twp in the Potter Brook area. This incident would ultimately burn aproximately 50 acres and endanger several homes. Dept 20 split its response between the Ulysses and Westfield fires sending P2024 to Ulysses and T2015 and E2022 to Potter Brook. Ulysses Dept 47 was requested to respond but had no units avalable to do so because of the ongoing incident in thier district. Several area departments were involved in battling this blaze including some that had been tranfered to cover at other stations as the result of the Farmington Twp incident.

If all this hadn't already made things busy enough, at some point doing all the already ongoing incidents a reported wild fire in Troupsburg caused for further mayhem. It is unknow how many (or what) area companies responded to that incident but it is reported that several structures were also lost in this blaze.

And at about 1434 hrs Austin Dept 44 was dispatched to 809 Cowley Hill Road for a Wildfire. Chief 44 (D. VanWhy) Responded in minutes to arrive on scene to establish "Austin Command" and reported fire under control by the residence themselves. Luckily this one turned out to be minor.

So, to say the least, the dispatchers in Tioga County earned their money today as they certainly had their hands full as did all of the departments that responded to the various incidents through out the area.


I know people want to get thier lawns cleaned up but WHY do they burn on these kinds of days? There was a steady breeze ALL day long with occasional gusts that were quite high force. I don't know why anyone would think that it was a good idea to burn trash with these conditions.

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