Sunday, April 06, 2008

Today didn't start out good but ended well

I am amazed at what we got done today. After the night I had last night and the way the morning started out, I'm suprised that I was able to do anything today. I'm not sure what started it but last night I got in a very emotional state that lasted into this morning. I just couldn't stop crying. I thought going to sleep would help, but once I went to bed I just couldn't relax and go to sleep.
On a better note, while *T* was at the fire hall this morning I got the goat's feet trimmed and the horses brushed out. When he got home *T* and I got a lot more work done in the house. We moved the old gun cabinet out of the living room and put the new one in, got rid of the old dresser in the bedroom, moved the ceder chest upstairs and the brought the big dresser down to the downstairs bedroom. *T* started the lawn tractor and made sure it was ready for another mowing season. I think I washed every piece of clothing we have today. Not really but it sure seemed it. I hadn't done laundry all week so all of our work cloths were dirty plus I changed all the sheets on the beds today too, so that added to my pile. I do still have about two loads left but have decided to wait until tomorrow to finish them. The little Jack Russell even got a bath today. The other two dogs will get their turn at some point in the near future.
While in the barn this morning I found where the chickens hid their nest. there were 14 eggs in it. I'm not sure how fresh they are so I've decided that I will give them to the dogs since I still have two dozen eggs that Mom gave me and now that I know where the nest is I'll get the fresh ones. I knew they must be laying because their combs have been bright red for a while now, it was just a matter of tracking them down.


  1. Sorry for your loss. I know it is very hard. My husband moved in with me in 1981. We spent years trying to have babies, to no avail and were told that we never would. In 1990 after all those years i found out i was pregnant, and they had no idea how. Along came number two right after. I like to think that its not OUR decision, its up to the Universe, or God or something bigger. I believe our lives are all about timing, and when and if it is right, whatever "it" is you desire will come to you if it is the right thing. I also believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, and everyone you meet, there is always SOME SORT OF LESSON there, even if it takes you years to see it. Good luck to you...i love your blog Ive been reading it for a long time!

  2. You know that I'm always here for you. If you EVER need someone to talk to, just let me know!!!

    Love ya...


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