Thursday, May 08, 2008

Eggs, Meat,... and now Milk!!!

We (or should I say "I") am getting closer to getting most of our food from right here on the farm. We have beef grown here, I just got some rabbits that I plan on breeding and raising the babies for meat. We have had laying hens for a long time. And now I have a goat that is milking. So we have milk too :-)
I went to get Mimi (the milker) last evening and she had already been milked when I got there, so this morning was the first I milked her. She stands so good and is so easy to milk (unlike several others I have had). After work today I tasted this morning's milk and it is awesome. I started out with just a sip then I took another ... then another until I'd drank the whole glass. I guess I was kind of in shock that it was so good. Even though I've been telling *T* how good goat milk is I sorta forgot...oops! I took a quart over to Mom and Dad and they really liked it too. This morning I got 3# 13oz., tonight I got 3# 15oz. from her, a total of 7# 12oz. for the day. I'm so happy with her so far. Hopefully my happiness with continue.

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