Sunday, May 31, 2009

My first homemade Cloth Diaper

I've been making cloth diapers for *Z* this week, and *T* thinks I'm crazy (what's new). I wanted to use cloth diapers from the beginning but couldn't find any I liked that weren't $15.00 a piece. And like I said *T* thinks I'm nuts, and wont even talk about them. I found the pattern for this one online, but when I tried to sew them I realized my grandmother's old sears sewing machine (it was given to me when she passed) needed some work. I got it back from the repair shop Thursday so now I can sew. One of the best parts of this is I have a bunch of flannel that a friend of mine had given me years ago when I was quilting, so they aren't costing me anything!!! And I really like that I will only have a load of laundry to wash, instead of another bag of garbage to pay someone to take to the landfill.

I just had to share the pictures with someone. When I tried to show *T* how cute they are and tell him how easy they were to make, he immediately started asking me if I could sew him some sand bags for his shooting bench. I had to laugh, just like a guy ....
He didn't even want me to get the sewing machine fixed to begin with because it cost as much as I could have bought a new one for. The repairman told *T* that my 40 yr old machine is probably worth four or five hundred dollars, unlike the cheaper plastic ones that they sell now that wont last very long. I'll be sure to make some things for *T* so he can justify me getting old relic fixed, but for now I have some more diapers to make.


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  2. Your diapers are really fancy. I would have enjoyed useing ones like that. Both of my sons wore cloth diapers & were never bothered much with diaper rash. About your Grandmother's Sears sewing machine. Hold onto it. I had one like it and years ago my husband thought he was doing a good deed & traded it in for a new plastic one..I made one project with the new one & it has set in the closet since. I miss sewing. I would love to have my old Sears machine back again.

  3. omg those are boys are 17 and 18 now, but when they were babies i bought a few of those type..i soon found out that i would need about a zillion to get by...SO i purchased tons of regular cloth diapers, and put them INSIDE those worked out great...and i had both kids potty trained shortly after their first birthday! The only time i used disposables was when we were on the road. Great job, you should TOTALLY sell them.


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