Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy new Year!!!

Overnight Low: 39.2°F.
Today's High: 48.9°F.
Current Temp: 45.5°F.

   Today started out sunny and warm, but by noon the rain had started and it's been raining all afternoon. The temperature is still 43°F. Very unusualy for this time of year, but I'm not complaining.

   My friend *D* and I went to get some chickens yesterday morning, she ended up keeping 4 of the hens and I brought home 6 hens and a rooster home with me. We were told they are about a year old. Most are RIRs but the rooster and one hen are White Leghorns. When I did chores last night I found two eggs, I know the white egg is from one of the new chickens as I didn't have any white egg layers before. And the brown one I think also came from one of the new chickens because it was in one of the nests on the top row which my old chickens have never used. Only had one egg in the nest today at chore time, but hopefully they will continue to lay and the rest will start.... I miss getting eggs everyday.

3 Years Ago Today
4 Years Ago Today

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