Monday, January 23, 2012

New Look

It was time for a change....
I was tired of the old color combination of this blog so did a little rearranging. What do you think?

Not much to report here on the home front. I've been busy with the boys.

Yesterday morning *K* figured out that he can climb onto the bottom shelf of the changing table, so that quickly because a game for he and his brother. The kept taking turns crawling in and out of the space... so cute to see finally starting to play together,
Later, I found *K* standing on *Z*'s toddler bed turning the light switch on and off. He was in the bedroom playing and I noticed the light was going on and off and went in to tell *Z* to leave it on and found it wasn't *Z* after all.... EEK..... He's too little to be doing these things already! He's only 11 1/2mths old for goodness sake and can't even walk yet... well unless you count a few lunging steps toward something "walking".
After that I couldn't keep him off the bed for anything. As soon as I'd take him to another room he'd crawl as fast as he could into the bedroom, crawl up there and bounce on the bed, sometimes hanging onto the rails sometimes not....oy vey.... I had to push it against the wall and put the huge tote of toys in front of it so he couldn't climb up there anymore.

Saturday *Z* was sneaking around the house. I asked what he was doing. "Tracking a ghost!" he says "I see ghost footprints - I follow 'em".... no doubt this old house could have ghosts but he was really following one of his white cats. He has started calling them ghosts lately and I have no idea why.
Later that day he asked me to make him some "Pawp" (pop). He seems to have the impression that I can just go to the kitchen and whip up whatever he wants. I may need to get some water kefir grains from my friend so I can try to fill his request.
He also thinks I'm the coolest mom ever (forget the fact I'm the only mom he knows) because I make him "ice cream" for breakfast! Little does he know (and you better not tell him) that what he thinks is ice cream is really yogurt and ice cubes, and the "ice cream maker" is my blender.
Oh and the latest.... "Sorry, Momma, it was a nois-ident"!!! ........ He must figure noise that he did mean to make is equivalent of an accident. So it is a Noise-ident.... ♥

There is never a dull moment around here....... I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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