Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kidding season has begun...

Lucy presented us with boy girl twins during my son, *K*'s, 2nd Birthday Party on February 9th. I'd been watching her for over a week because I was sure she was about to have them at any minute. But of course, she waited until I was busy and she new I wouldn't be coming to the barn for a few hours ... typical goat!
Gareth was due on the 17th but showed no signs at all of getting close to delivery, so I decided she must not have gotten bred when I thought she did and it would be a few more weeks. I went out this morning to check on Genie who is due today and I believe is getting close to delivering, to find Gareth had delivered a single boy kid.
We are naming this years babies with names that start with "D". So far we have Dora and Diego (Lucy's) and Delmer (Gareth's).

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