Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kidding Season is over...

We are done having baby goats here at Seldom Seen Acres for this year.
We ended up with the following:
Lucy - girl / boy twins. Dora and Diego.
Gareth - a single boy. Delmer.
Genie - girl / boy twins. Daisy and Donald.
Kiss - a single stillborn girl. Delivered via c-section.
Cinnamon - girl / boy twins. Diva and Diesel.
Cheyenne - twin boys. Dallas and Denver.

I feel like such a horrible blogger, I just can't seem to make time to sit down and write a post. For pictures of the babies when they first arrived go to my facebook page.

As for today being the first day of Spring? We have four inches of snow already on the ground and it's still snowing. It's 30° here. The sun does peak through for a few minutes at a time but nothing promising.... Happy Spring!!!

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