Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Is Spring Coming Any Time Soon?

Oh I just can't wait til warm weather now. I GOT MY NEW SIDING :-D

I ordered the siding for the house on Wednesday the 23rd and they said that they should be able to deliver it within a week, if that would be okay and not too late. Of course it wasn't too late I figured it would take longer because I didn't think they would have it in stock. When I got home from work on Thursday the 24th (the very next day) all the siding, J-Channels and Corners were neatly stacked in my garage. OMG.... I was SO excited! I knew that it would be here soon but not THAT soon. The only thing that was missing was the insulation and nails, but they were delivered the following day (Friday the 25th). So now we are all set except for a little warmth. Well I know we could start now, but it would be a little more comfortable to work in a bit warmer weather, since the highs for the day have been like 32*F lately.

I decided to go with Pebblestone Clay in the Brentwood series, for the color of my house. I'm still not sure what color trim I'll use. I am thinking maybe a dark Green (hunter or spruce) or maybe a Burgundy or maroon... or a combination of both... like I said I'm still not sure.
I have been looking at other people's houses with those color combinations and really like them but just can't imagine MY house any color but dark grey, the color it has been for decades. I just can't imagine this house any other color. But you have to remember that I was raised in the house across the road from this one and this house has never been any other color. I'm not even sure that it's former owner and his parents ever saw it any other color. In a way it is sad to change it. I have a hard time with change, especially if it takes away from something's original look, and this definitely will, but I know I will LOVE it when done and wish I'd done it yrs ago.
Maybe once the outside is done it will be easier for me to redo the inside. As it is it still looks like "Ernie and Fern's house". Ernie and Fern were the older couple that owned the house when I was a child and they were like grandparents to me and my siblings, so I think that is one reason it is hard for me to change a lot of things about the house, because I have a lot of memories here. If I had moved into a house that I knew little about it's previous owners it would be different. I'm hoping with the outside being something I want and something I chose then it will be easier for me to go ahead and change some of these other things that I would like to change in the house without feeling so guilty. I am terribly sentimental .. can you tell?

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