Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Lion Has Arrived

March definitely came in like a lion. So maybe it will go out like a lamb. We got 5 to 6 inches of snow over night and it is still coming down, so there is no telling how much we will end up with.
I just came in from checking the cow... no new babies yet. With the storm I figured that the mommas would find this the opportune time to drop their calves. At least that is what they usually do.

I am officially stranded here at the house today. You see not only did we get all this snow but my truck decided that it no longer wants to haul my butt around. Yesterday I went to a friend *CW*'s house, who is away for the week, to check on her dog and when I got ready to leave the truck wouldn't start... I mean it wouldn't do anything at all. I knew I hadn't left the ignition on so the battery couldn't be dead. There must be a loose wire or something. So the truck is now at the garage and I am stuck here at the house. No work today (thankfully), so I hope they get the truck fixed today so I have a way to get to work tomorrow without bothering anyone for a ride.
I called my friends *J&M* to see if they could go check on *CW*'s dog today since I will not be able to. *CW* is suppose to be coming home tomorrow so I shouldn't have to worry about checking on the dog tomorrow, as long as Philadelphia doesn't get anymore snow. *CW* went to Philadelphia to visit friends and to find a place to live, and while there Philly got a huge snow storm. I had to laugh because one reason she wants to move back to Philly is because of the weather up here. Last week when she called to say they were getting 9" of snow I promptly reminded her that WE didn't get any new snow up here....LOL. Well see what I get for laughing.... now we have the snow up here. I talked to her this morning and she said that Philly got another 7" yesterday, so she may not be able to come home until Thursday. her poor dog is lonely this week, she wont eat much at all. I think she wonders what I have done with *CW*. I keep telling her that *CW* will be home in a few days, but I don't think she believes me.

You know my life must really be in a rut when I resort to talking to not only MY animals but my friends animals too...... Oh my ... I need a life.

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