Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coffee anyone?

Do any of you have a favorite coffee mug? This is one of mine. Yes, I said "one of" I have several "favorite" coffee mugs. This one came from Home & Garden Party Ltd.

As I am sitting here drinking my coffee I am going over the long list of things that I should try to get done today, since I don't have to go to work and I didn't do anything around the house yesterday. I have a mound of towels in the bathroom that is waiting for someone to put it in the washing machine. I started laundry at 4:30 a.m. this morning, right after S.O. left for work, but didn't get too far. I think S.O.'s work pants are still in the washer, so I better go put them in the dryer, and get the towels into the washer. Another thing on my list to do today is cleaning the house, for some reason my house is so dusty, and I'm not sure why. When I first moved in I remember thinking that this house was not nearly as dusty as the house I grew up in. But maybe because back then I lived alone and had time to do a "really good" cleaning in each room at least once a week. It seems like now those weekly cleanings get pushed back to monthly.... I know that is scary, but true.

I have to think of something to make for dinner tonight. As of now, I have no idea what it will be. Any suggestions? I am so ready for spring and summer to get here so I can eat FRESH food out of the garden. I am so tired of frozen and/or canned foods. Speaking of food, I should go grocery shopping too, I think we are out of lunch meat for S.O. I could always make him egg salad or tuna salad sandwiches for tomorrow, and get groceries before I come home tomorrow after work, now that sounds like a plan that I like. Yes, I am a home body, I like to be here at home unless I have a really good reason for leaving.

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  1. hey, thanks for stopping by :) When I have a new batch of pullets start laying I pile all the eggs from the day in one or two of the enst boxes - since it seems like the most popular place to lay is the spot with eggs already in it, that usually gets them in the habit of using the nestboxes.


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