Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Meet Abby and Dawson

I do believe these are two the most spoiled pets in McKean County, PA. Abby (the one sitting up)is my Mother's Aussie and Dawson (the one laying down) is mine. My parents live right across the road from me so Mom and Abby are here quite often. When I took this picture the dogs were waiting for me to milk the goat so they could have some of the milk.
We got Abby when she was six weeks old, but we have only had Dawson for a few years, I rescued him from the Cattaraugus County SPCA. I have no way of knowing but I swear these two are related. I think that is one thing that first drew me to Dawson when I met him. They seem to be the same breed, just different colors and a lot of their mannerisms are the same, even before the two ever met. What is really interesting is that we bought Abby from a family from the same town that Dawson was picked up as a stray. Hhhmmmm!! See why I really wonder about these two. They also seem to be about the same age.

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