Monday, November 05, 2007

Let the mayhem begin....

I have not canned meat in years... not since living with my parents. So, when *T* came home the other day after being out artery hunting and told me he wanted me to can this one and we'd put the ones we get in rifle season into grinds and roasts, I was thinking "me?" why me, why not "us". I'll admit he knows nothing and I mean nothing about canning, so I knew right then who was going to be doing all of the work. And me trying to teach him is completely out of the question because we do not work well together in the kitchen. He is assuming that just because we both have bonus tags we are going to fill all of them... I hope we do but that isn't always the case.


  1. Sorry Amie...I know about as much as *T* about canning. LOL And we both know that ain't much. I'd love to learn some time though. Hope that all is going well and I will get to see you soon.

  2. LOL... I'm sure YOU know more about canning than *T* does.... I'm sure you at least know that the meat needs to be cut in SMALL pieces. Maybe I'll teach you how to can, someday. ;-)
    We should schedule a "play date"... for the kids ... of course :-)


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