Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Turkeys Are Gone

I know ... it has been almost a week since I've posted anything, but I haven't had anything to talk about.

*T* and I butchered the two turkeys Sunday evening... that was interesting, seeing as *T* has never even witnessed poultry of any kind being butchered....lol... I shouldn't have laughed at him but it was funny. I started helping my parents with butchering since I was old enough to pluck feathers, so it is amusing to me to see some one's reaction who has never done this. LOL.... like I said, I should not have laughed at him, but he took it well :-)

We sent the turkeys to be smoked and will have one for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas. I tried to weigh one of the turkeys on the bathroom scale but I'm not sure how accurate that was. The scale said it weighed 28 pounds, dressed, but I'll get the true weight from the slaughter house where we sent them to get smoked. A friend of mine, *R*, works at the slaughterhouse were the birds are being smoked so he took them with him to work last night, and I haven't talked to him to see what the total weights were.

Today I am going to pick up three female rabbits. I have been wanting to get rabbits to raise for meat for quite some time. Our last attempt failed when the female we got last year died from an unknown cause. I still have the male rabbit, so I'm going to try this again.... wish me luck.


  1. Tell *T* that is okay that you laughed at him because you laughed at me, too, when we butchered a turkey at your house. John was swinging the ax, you were holding the turkey and I was holding the plastic around you. I just about screamed my bloody head off when John cut the head off and that dang turkey got up and started running around. LOL Poor Bernie!

  2. LOL....OMG.... Mandy, I forgot all about that! Wow, we could wright a book about our "adventures" couldn't we? LOL

  3. LOL...I'm not sure who would publish, let alone purchase such "memoirs", but it would certainly keep people laughing.


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