Saturday, April 12, 2008

Two days in a row...

Sometimes the simplest things bring tears to my eyes.
Last week I was telling my friend/co-worker (*V*) about these cute pink plaid canvas shoes that I saw at Wal-Mart. I was telling her that I almost bought them, but I opted for a pair of dark blue and a pair of white ones instead. But then later wished I had gotten the plaid ones. Yesterday when *V* came to work she had a bag in her hand and said "I have something for you" (with this devilish little grin on her face)... when I looked in the bag there was a pair of those cute plaid shoes! She spoils me.
Today when I got home from work I found a bag of goat feed and a card propped up against my back door. I couldn't imagine where it had come from because I knew *T* wasn't going to pick up feed today and even if he did he would have put it in the feed bin in the barn not on the back door step. I opened the envelope to find a Thank You card inside. It said "Thanks! .... for bending over backwards for me." and signed by "Penny & Suzie". I got all teary. I never expected anything for helping, I just did it because I could help someone in need.

One Year Ago Today


  1. It sounds like you're a very nice person and your friends appreciate you!

    I followed your link back from my blog. Thanks for stopping by! Now, for a stupid question: what's a "homesteader"???

    I live alone ~ well, with all my animals! ~ on about 4 acres, in the countryside of SE Minnesota. Am I a "Homesteader"???


  2. Very easy to tell that you are a good friend. Friendship is always rewarded. I hate to think of a world with no friends. Good post and thanks for reminding me of the good folks in my life.


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